What Is Ash Scattering?

What Is Ash Scattering?

Gilded Wing Ash Scattering

Ash scattering is the process of reintegrating ashes back into nature. Scattering by airplane allows for a broad dissemination over an approved location.

Where can ash be scattered?

california ash scattering

Gilded Wing will do what it can to honor the wishes of loved ones. This includes honoring requests to scatter over chosen locations. It is important to keep in mind that scattering ash over populated areas is not permitted and scattering over private or government property requires written permission.

What is included in the service?

You will receive a commemorative certificate providing the date, location and exact time of the scattering. In addition you will receive a professional 8″ x 10″ photograph of the location.

What authorizations does Gilded Wing have?

Gilded Wing is a California State licensed Cremated Remains Disposer. Gilded Wing Aviation carries $1,000,000USD in Liability insurance. David Erwin is a FAA Commercially licensed pilot. Check with http://www.hendersonattorneys.net 

Can passengers ride along?

Unfortunatly due to liability issues and FAA regulations, Gilded Wing can not allow for the carrige of commerical passengers. However, your funeral director or a clergy member can ride along as a witness without charge. Arrangements can be made for friends and family to ride along in another airplane in formation flight to view the scattering.

How are ashes transferred to Gilded Wing Aviation?

The US Postal Service allows ashes to be sent via registered mail. The ashes must be packaged in a sift proof container. The outside of the container must also be labelled “Cremated Remains”. Two documents must accompany the ashes. 1) The VS-9 form that accompanies the ashes from your mortuary. 2)The Authorization to scatter form. If you are sending ashes from outside the state you must get a transit permit from the local Health Department.

It is always good to consult with an attorney such as Henderson Attorneys after you loved on